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Tandoori Junction

 Winner Chef of "The Chopping Block" 2008 

Tandoori Junctions Five Star Head Chief, Dhanpal Rawat has 25 years experience, working around the world in such places as Hyatt Regency, New Delhi; Claridges Hotel, New Delhi. The Imperial Suites Hotel, Dubai UAE, The Metroplitan Hotel, Dubai Shanghai Jinjiang Hotel, Chine; Imperial Hotel, New Delhi and the Maharaja Restaurant, Germany Now Chief Rawat's experienced authentic Indian cuisine is in Australia. Come and enjoy the tantalising taste of his unique talents.

Indian Cuisine 

Reflects the diverse ethnic, cultural and regional differences of the country. It offers a bewildering variety of dishes that no one restaurant can ever hope to be able to prepare any dish not on our menu.

The Restaurateur has to choose between specialization in a particular region's food with occasional forays into the cuisine from other areas, or he chooses the most representative dishes of each region and concentrates on those. The cuisine differs from region to region, influenced by climate, culture and religion.

In the North Mughal rule influenced the cuisine, more meat is cooked and smilarities to tp middle eastern food can be discerned.

In the south the emphasis in on vegetarian fare.
Cereals are the very foundation of Indian food - wheat predominates in the north and rice in the south.

Coastal regions such as Goa, Karala and Bangal produce a rich harvest of seafood with coconut which provides teh base of Goan food and mustard being a distinct element in dishes from Bangal.
States with a bias to vegetarian food include Gujrat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Lentils and vegetables are cooked in an incrfedible variety of ways, with quantities of yoghurt, pickle and crisp parpadums adding extra zest.
Our focus is firmly on North India and Punjabi in particular. The Satet known as the "Granary of India", home of the Tandoor and superlative robust cuisine richly influenced by Moghul invaders.